We are constantly being fed false information by the world. DISTRACTIONS. LIES. BUSYNESS.

We don’t have time for God, for ourselves, even for our families.

Our priorities are a mess and we keep thinking “soon”... SOON LIFE WILL SLOW DOWN

How can we truly be well and whole? Fulfilled and no longer searching for more?

It’s time for a reset.
It’s time for intentionality. 

Intentionally reconnecting with God, ourselves, and our families.

It’s time to quench our thirst for more and find satisfaction in the One who gives us living water. 

But nothing changes if nothing changes. 

Committing 40 days to grow deeper in your faith
Becoming mentally and emotionally well
Cultivating a relationship with God
Actually reading your Bible 
Applying God’s Word to guide your life
Learning how to pray
Living more like Jesus did
Letting God fill your need for more

Say yes to...

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I invite you to

Well through the Word

a 7-week intimate coaching experience that will help you draw closer to God.

Let's lay the foundation for this coaching experience and get to know each other.  


How do I get to know God? What does a relationship with God mean? This week we will dive in and learn what it means to seek His face, as Scripture tells us.

Seek His face

Should I hear God’s loud booming voice from Heaven? No sister, let’s break it down and learn how to hear from God. How can God’s Word help me become well in mind, body and spirit? 

Listen to His voice

How should I pray? Do I have to use special, fancy words to get my prayers answered? You should use your own voice to pray - our Father already knows us intimately - but let’s go even deeper.


We may believe IN God but it’s a whole different story to trust Him. We have to truly know who God is and put our trust in His goodness.

Trust His character

Now that we are cultivating a relationship with God, we actually have to follow His Word and obey what He commands us to do. 

Obey His commands

You’ve learned the formula: Seek, Listen, Pray, Trust, Obey - now let’s stay active in our faith, putting each of them in practice every day.

Putting it all together

God says that the Holy Spirit dwells within us and our bodies are a temple. With that in mind, let’s start taking care of our physical bodies and honor God. 

Honor His temple

Going through this program with Ryanne was a very fulfilling experience. She has a way of tying everything together when it comes to our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health. She is a great guide & leader with lots of heart and wisdom. I felt supported all the way through. I also enjoyed getting to connect with other women and make some new friends! I look forward to going through it again. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough!


Wellness and the Word helped me get back to my normal self after dealing with difficult trials. I developed a new and healthier lifestyle and most importantly, made time for God in my daily life. I started noticing changes immediately. The encouragement and accountability from Ryanne and the group was just what I needed. I am so thankful to have experienced this program and will definitely sign up for any more in the future! Thank you Ryanne!


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I'm Ryanne, grateful believer in Jesus and holistic health coach. I encourage women to seek and know God personally and intimately. I am passionate about helping others see the truth that God is our only guiding light, the only peace and hope we can rely on, in all areas of your life. I'll be your guide on the side for these 7 weeks through this intimate coaching experience as you grow a deeper relationship with Jesus and find fulfillment in Him. I am honored to walk with you on this journey!

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